At Crossroads Animal Hospital, we have dedicated staff who work hard to ensure your pet gets the best care possible! Our diverse team consists of full time and part time veterinary technicians, kennel assistants, and interns. Not only are staff trained when they are hired, but we also encourage them to participate in vet conferences (to learn the best and most up to date practices), and Lunch and Learn (where representatives come and teach about products, equipment, programs, etc.). We invest in our staff and their training so you and your pets can have a positive experience at our clinic. It is our goal here at Crossroads, that our team is able to assist in helping keep your pets healthy.


Bookkeeper, Receptionist

Anne was our full time receptionist for many years. She has now partially retired but still fills in occasionally as our receptionist and does all our bookkeeping. Anne lives with her husband Terry and her two dogs and three cats.


Meet Chad, our practice manager! He and Dr. Jordan met through an online church group, and he works mostly remotely since he lives in Alabama. He does visit SC periodically, though, to spend time in person at the hospital. He has a background in human healthcare and an MBA, and Crossroads is his first time working in the veterinary industry. Chad has been instrumental in helping our hospital be the best that we can be!


Meet Hannah! Hannah is a pre-vet student at Clemson who works part time. We love her enthusiasm for learning.


Meet April! She’s a Clemson student who started volunteering for us in the fall of 2023. She did a great job, so we hired her starting in January. She works part-time since she’s also a full-time student.


Meet Kerry! Kerry works part-time while attending an online LVT program. Originally from Scotland, she has lived all over the world! She now resides in Westminster with her two German Shepherds, a cat, and goats.


Meet Bailey! She began working for CAH while she was a student at Tri-County Tech and graduated from the LVT program there in 2020. Bailey loves all animals, but especially cats! She has some of her own and also fosters for CARE – Crossroads Animal Rescue.


Meet Ashlee! She’s a Clemson student who plans to attend vet school after graduation. Ashlee has been involved in the vet field since high school and has even traveled internationally to gain veterinary experience with a variety of species! Since she’s a full-time student, she works part-time during the school year, but you’ll get to see her more during school breaks.


Meet Bethanee! She works full-time as a veterinary assistant for us. Bethanee loves working with a variety of species and came to CAH to be able to work with more large animals. With many years of experience in the vet field, she is very knowledgeable and ready to answer any questions you may have!


Meet Kailie! She’s a Clemson pre-vet student who began as a volunteer for us. Her excellent work led to a quick hire. Kailie works part-time as she’s also a full-time student.


Meet Sally! She’s everyone’s favorite coworker and one of our longest-term employees, joining CAH thirteen years ago. Despite (or maybe because of) her years of experience, she mostly naps and tells her coworkers to give her treats, so you may not see her up front greeting you that often. But she is very consistent in her work attendance, so we overlook minor things like not actually doing any work!