If your pet ever needs to be hospitalized after an injury or illness, rest assured we will make him or her feel at home here. Our team of dedicated staff members will check vital signs, administer medications, and keep your pet comfortable. Dr. Jordan will regularly examine your pet during his hospitalization and keep you updated on how he is responding to treatment.

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We are the only veterinary hospital in the county which offers overnight monitoring of hospitalized patients. We believe intensive care patients are best served to have someone with them 24/7. One of our emergency assistants will be available with your consent to stay overnight with your pet and to call Dr. Jordan if any complications arise. Dr. Jordan will also be available to come in right away if a complication occurs during treatment.

During your pet’s hospitalization, we encourage the family to make appointments to visit. Visiting will often make your pet feel better as well as give you peace of mind. We also are available for you to call during business hours and we can call you after hours with updates on your pet.