If your pet is sick, getting test results quickly is very important. We have in house blood machines where we can check complete blood counts (CBCs) and twelve different chemistry values within thirty minutes of collecting a blood sample. We also have the ability to check blood clotting times, which can be very important in an emergency.

NEW! As of April 2014 we are now able to offer DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHS here at Crossroads Animal Hospital. Same great diagnostic testing with higher quality images aiding in quicker diagnosis of your pet. Radiographs are important to find out what is wrong when your pet is sick. In addition to x-rays to look for causes of illness, we take OFA radiographs to certify that a dog is free of hip dysplasia before the dog is used for breeding.

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We run many other diagnostic tests as well. Within ten minutes of collecting a sample, we can find out if your dog has heartworms, parvovirus, or giardia. We can test your cat for feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus with only three drops of blood.

Fecal testing is also important for the health of your pet and your family. Several intestinal worms of dogs and cats can spread to people. Through testing the stool samples, we can find and treat any parasite that might otherwise spread to your human family as well as your pets.

We work with three laboratories to send out tests which cannot be run in our office. We can test for hundreds of conditions through these tests, including heart disease, cancer, and various infections.

Before surgery is another time we will recommend diagnostic tests. Which tests are recommended depends on the health of the patient, but we often recommend blood chemistry tests and complete blood counts. Dr. Jordan will advise you which tests are necessary before your pets surgery or dental procedure.