Does your cat fail to use the litterbox? Or does your dog chew up something every time you leave the house? We can help! Dr. Jordan will first examine your pet for a medical problem that could be contributing to the behavior concern. For instance, urinary tract infections can cause cats to not use the litterbox. If a medical problem is not the cause of the behavior issue, Dr. Jordan will show you how to teach your pet to behave in an appropriate way. This can often be accomplished through a few simple steps. If the problem is more extensive, medication or pheromones can be used to help alleviate the problem. We can also recommend a veterinary behavior specialists for pets with more severe behavior concerns or recommend a training class to help your dog learn obedience.

Please call us today to schedule an appointment and consultation about any behavior concerns! Bring the whole family to the appointment if possible so that we can teach everyone how to help your pet be a better behaved, happier member of the family.

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